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 Frequently Ask Questions:


Q. Do you sell unused or fairly used products?

All the products on our website are brand new. We assure you authenticity and originality.

 Q. Can you deliver to me outside of USA?

No Please, we are restricted our deliveries for USA Only.

 Q. How do you charge for shipping?

Please read our Shipping Policy

Q. How do I can make payment?

We Accept all Credit cards, Debit cards and Paypal. We do not allow personal checks and direct deposit methods.

Q.: What is your returns policy?

Please read our Return Policy

Q.: How you protect Identity?

Please read our Privacy Policy.

Q.: What Kind of Warranty can I get with my Mattress?

Please read our Warranty details.

Q.:Why does memory foam have an odor when it is new?

The "fresh foam smell" odor associated with new memory foam is completely normal. It will dissipate with time and airing. Just like any new foam product- upholstered furniture, vehicles, office furniture, etc. The "new" smell will dissipate with time.

 Q: How can get Mattress measurements?

Please check our Size Guide.

Q.: How Long Mattress will take to be its original shape?

Mattress comes compressed and may need 72 hours for bed to fully recover

Q.: Why My Shipment Gets Delay?

 PLEASE make sure your shipping address is correct. Wrong Zip Code, Small Type mistakes also can be a cause for delay shipment. Please do not forget to write you cell number so in that case shipper or carrier can contact you at the time of placing orders.

Q.:  How long shipment takes?

 We will ship your order within 1 business day. PLEASE do not ask to delay shipment.  Shipping within 48 Contiguous U.S.

Q: How can I Unpack My Mattress?

Unpacking Your Memory Foam Mattress

  • Carefully remove the outer plastic cover with scissors. Exercise care and remove the plastic cover by hand. You may want to unroll the package on your foundation. Gently pull the compressed product to unroll it. Carefully cut the inner plastic cover with scissors to start the mattress decompression. Gently pull away the inner plastic cover and discard.
  • Please allow 24 - 72 hours for your mattress to recover its full shape. It has been machine rolled and compressed for efficient delivery and will not affect its performance.
  • In cold temperature, at delivery, your memory foam mattress may take a bit longer to return to its full size. Once the mattress is unrolled and placed on your bed, allow it to recover naturally before making up your bed.

Q.: What is that Odor that I smell?

Airing Out Your Memory Foam Mattress

  • Memory foam mattresses typically have a mild odor, - "new car smell" - distinct to the product when new. This is sometimes heightened when delivered during cold weather.
  • Some consumers are sensitive to the odor, any odor. We understand it might be irritating and bothersome but it is not harmful or unhealthy. It will dissipate as the mattress is used daily, allowing the open cells to expel the "processing" air and taking in new air.
  • Leave the mattress uncovered during the first few days, allowing the air in your home to circulate around the product. Turn on fans and open windows to ventilate the air in the room, so the mattress odor can dissipate quickly. 

Q.: How do I clean my Mattress?

Mattress Cleaning Tips

  • Should you spill something on your mattress, blot the stain immediately. If the spill is large and the mattress deeply soaked, blot the excess moisture using terry cloth and pressure until the area is no longer drenched. Never use chlorine bleach or other harsh chemicals to clean the mattress.
  • For spot cleaning, only use water based cleaning product. Never deeply drench the mattress when spot cleaning.